Friends Adult Diapers XL-XXL

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10Pcs in 1 Pack

Information about Friends Adult Diapers XL-XXL

Adult Diapers are the perfect solution to the problem of incontinence, i.e the inability to exercise control over the bladder & the bowel. Our diapers are made in India, adhering to the highest product quality and are ideal for patients suffering from Prostate disorder, Piles, Incontinence; Diabetics; Urology patients; Bedridden & Disabled patients. * Non-woven one way top - Channels fluid into the absorbent pad & prevents it from flowing back. * Super Absorbent Polybeads- Superior absorbency turns fluid into gel. Users feel dry & comfortable. * Frontal tape with landing guide - Allows repeated adjustments of tape tabs for new users and guides proper positioning of tape tabs for regular users. * Two pairs of refastenable Tape Tabs - Allows multiple adjustments and refastening on the frontal tape. * Multistrand Leg Elastic - For comfortable snug fit without pinching on skin. Prevents leakage in the crotch area. * Standing Leak Guard - Unique maximum protection against leakage. Stops urine or faeces flowing towards the elastic. * Friends Adult Diapers and the newly launched Protective Underwear is an effective way to deal with the problem of elderly incontinence